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Before coming here to RatzenMauzers RMCA, Lady Mc Boggles at one time belonged to someone. She was a loving pet that was taken for granted and not loved equally in return.  Her previous owners for one reason or another decided they could no longer keep her. Rather than acting responsibly by taking her to a shelter or a rescue, they dumped her in a park to fend for herself. Domestic rats are DOMESTIC animals, they cannot fend for themselves.  They cannot forage nor protect themselves against predators. In fact if they come in contact with a wild rat the domestic rat will be killed.


Lady Mc Boggles was found in very bad shape.  Emaciated, dehydrated, her front leg and shoulder abscessed, and she's pregnant. At this point we want to thank the workers at Lied in the small animal area for saving her for us to allow us to care for and rehabilitate her.


Because of Lady Mc Boggles pregnancy she is unable to have the abscess removed.  We are lucky that we have another female that is pregnant and due a week after Lady Mc Boggles so once the other litter is born that mother (Twilight) will care for Lady Mc Boggles babies while she has surgery. If Lady Mc Boggles is able to care for her babies after the surgery her babies will be returned to her. If not then she will be placed in the cage with the other mother to help raise them all.