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To adopt from RatzenMauzers you must have a cage, food, proper bedding, water bottle ready at home before you take  the rat/s. No exceptions. Adoption fee is $10 for the first rat and $5 for each rat adopted after the first, unless noted otherwise.
Any rat that is adopted will not be bred for any reason, they will not be re homed by you if you can no longer keep them. They are to be returned to RatzenMauzers and adoption fee will be forfeited for care of rats.
You must be willing to get Veterinarian care for your rat if it is sick or injured.  If you are not able to do this you may turn the animal back into us.

Please be sure to include contact info.

Name and email address
please give us your address and phone number for our records.
I am over 18 yrs of age
Do you rent or own your home?
If you rent may I contact your Landlord?
Do you own rats now or have you in the past?
What type of bedding will be used?
What type of food will you be feeding your rats?
How often will your rats be allowed out of their cage and for how long?
Do you have a Vet for your Rattie if the need arises
Do you understand that these rats are rescues and are NOT to be bred under ANY circumstances
In your own words please explain that you understand these rats are rescues and under NO citrcumstances can they ever be used for food for another animal by your or anyone else.
Do you agree that for any reason if you can not keep any rat/rats that you adopt from RatzenMauzers you MUST return to RatzenMauzers. You must not give it to a friend, relative, shelter,rescue or set free

Rats are like potato chips, you can't have just one.