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Welcome to

RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas Adoptions Site

RatzenMauzers RMCA is a non profit club, we are a  group of people

that love domesticated rats and mice. They are loving, clean, sociable pets that need our care and attention. Our main objective is to promote education about rat and mouse ownership.

Many people get rats and mice as pets only to find they are allergic to them,

don't have time for them, or their pet rats become ill and they can no longer care for them. We have several me

mbers that take in these pets. We get them from private parties, animal shelters, and sometimes stores where they are turned in.

We take them in and care for them. We have veterinarians to over look their health, and we work with any bad habits they may have.  Once we feel they are ready, we find them new homes.

We do not sell to pet stores, nor sell for food. These are for pets